Conduit Martial Arts Laverton

5/85 Triholm Avenue, Laverton VIC 3028, Australia
85 Triholm Avenue Laverton Victoria 3028 AU

Conduit Martial Arts Laverton

Offering comprehensive self defense classes for Kids, Teens, and Adults, Conduit Martial Arts teaches the traditional art of Hapkido.  Hapkido is renowned for being straight to the point, effective self defense

Owner & Chief Instructor:


  • Master International Instructor, 7th Dan Black Belt
  • Director, World Kukmuwon Federation

Master Conduit has been training in Hapkido since 1999 in Australia, Korea and America.  He began teaching Hapkido to kids, teens and adults in 2010, and loves passing on his knowledge to others.

Master Conduit is committed to his students and helping people develop to be the best version of themselves.

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