United ITFNZ Taekwon-Do

McLeod Park, McLeod Street, Upper Hutt, New Zealand

United ITFNZ


United ITFNZ is a family orientated organisation originating in Upper Hutt, New Zealand with schools in Upper Hutt, Wanaka, and Matakohe (near Auckland), NZ.

Head Instructor and founder is Sabum Blair Martin, 4th Degree over 30Yrs experience.

Our doors are open to all walks of life, producing some of New Zealand's best fighters, many of whom represent New Zealand on the World Taekwon-Do Stage.

United ITFNZ Taekwon-Do is a private & Independent Taekwon-Do School in New Zealand, specialising in Traditional Taekwon-Do learning and self defence methods for all ages.

Consistent training at United Taekwon-Do (United ITFNZ) will help with your confidence, self control, and physical fitness. It will improve muscle tone and appearance, whilst increasing strength and stamina. Our curriculum will help improve your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Your body will have more energy, and your physical strength, flexibility and co-ordination will improve as well. United ITFNZ will also help you maintain good mental health by giving you a positive way of releasing everyday stress and tension. The end result is a healthier mind along with a healthier body.

Parents will often find that their child's grades, attitude toward learning and overall self-confidence improve drastically with regular United ITFNZ class attendance.

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