Australian Masters Games Taekwondo

Australian Masters Games Taekwondo

Masters Games

Thank you to all those who  supported the 2019 Australian Masters Games Taekwondo, held in Adelaide Saturday 12th October.

The event was a huge success with participants from all walks of Taekwondo, from across Australia and New Zealand taking part in the true spirit of martial arts.

Contested events included International Tul (ITF style), World Poomsae (WT style), Sparring International (ITF style), Sparring World (WT style), Team Demonstration and Creative Forms / Patterns.

New friendships were made, old friendships were rekindled and lots of great Taekwondo action to boot, no pun intended.

A huge appreciation to all those who supported and particularly those who volunteered their time to act as officials on the day.

See you all again soon I am sure.

Tournament Organizer, Master Michael Muleta

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Full Results

WT Poomsae Women 30 -39 Black belts

1st – Jessica Matsumoto-Noack

2nd – Rebecca Warhurst


WT Poomsae Women 40 -49 Black Belts

1st – Indira  Setia Putri / Elizabeth Beck

3rd – Jane Estrella


WT Poomsae Women Gups 40-49

1st –  Justine Hauser

2nd –  Amanda De Ieso


WT Poomsae Women 50-59 Black Belts

1st – Alona Loria

2nd – Jutta Giggenbach


WT Poomsae Men 30-39 Black Belts

1st – Andrew McCreight


WT Poomsae Men 30-39 Gups

1st – Cher Liang  Tay

2nd –  Charles Lang-Ashe


WT Poomsae Men 40+ Black Belts

1st –  Dang Nguyen

2nd – Phillip  Zdybel

3rd –  Leon Reemst


Creative Patterns

1st – Tien  Pham


WT Team Poomsae

1st – Alona Loria; Jane Estrella ; Justine Hauser


Team Demonstration

1st –  Alona Loria; Jane Estrella ; Justine Hauser


ITF Team Patterns

1st – Tim Telcik; Cher Liang Tay;Tania Nicholl

2nd – Debbie Grasso, Matthew Currie, Tommie Sandiman

3rd – Tracy Russell, Kara Taylor, Danelle Chappell


ITF Patterns Women 30-39 Gups

1st – Danelle King

2nd – Tracy Russell

3rd – Kara Taylor


ITF Patterns Mixed Gups

1st – Debbie Grasso

2nd – Grant Sibley


ITF Patterns Men 30-39 Black Belts

1st –  Cher Liang Tay

2nd – Tom Foggo

3rd – Mathew Currie

ITF Patterns Men 40+

1st – Kerry McEvoy

2nd – Robert Wuttke

3rd – Tim Telcik


ITF Patterns Men 50+

1st – Tommie Sandiman

2nd – Darren Herpich

3rd – Phillip  Zdybel


WT Women’s sparring  red/black  (under 70kgs)

1st – Ivana Popovic Deslandes

2nd – Indira Setia Putri

3rd – Rebecca Warhurst


WT Sparring  Women 50-59 Black belt 70+

1st – Mandy Raeburn

2nd – Kate Bragg


WT Sparring  Women’s Gups 70kg+

1st – Amanda De Loso

2nd – Laura Pain


WT Sparring Male Black Under 70kg

1st – Allan Bernal

2nd – Cher Liang Tay

3rd – Tien Pham


WT Sparring Male Black 70kg +

1st – Evan King

2nd – Mohammad Reza Mohammadi


WT Sparring Male Gups 70kg +

1st – Ryan Price

2nd – Shannon Gardner

3rd – Shane Fotheringham


WT Sparring Male Black 90kg +

1st – James Marshall

2nd – Christopher Samson


WT Sparring Male Gups 80kg +

1st – Frank La Fratta

2nd – John Wallent


WT Sparring Men’s over 40’s Black 70kg +

1st – Phill Zdybel

2nd – Januario Lourenco De Oliveira

3rd – Alan Cheng


ITF Sparring Men’s under 40 Black Belts

1st – Cher Liang Tay

2nd – Tom Foggo


ITF Sparring Men’s Black over 80kgs

1st – Matthew Currie

2nd – Tim Telcik


ITF Sparring Men’s over 40 Black Belts (under 70kgs)

1st – Tommie Sandiman

2nd – Allan Bernal


ITF Sparring Men over 50 Black (80kgs +)

1st – Ian Fauth

2nd – Phillip Zdybel


ITF Sparring Women Over 75kgs Gups

1st – Debbie Grasso

2nd – Tracy Russell


ITF Sparring Women Under 75kgs mixed

1st – Mandy Raeburn

2nd – Danelle King

About the Australian Masters Games

The Australian Masters Games is a biennial sporting event that is regarded as one of the premier and largest participation sporting events on the Australian sporting landscape.

The Australian Masters Games provide an occasion to:

  • make the wider community aware of the benefits of sport;
  • encourage and engage the masters sport demographic in ongoing activity that is beneficial to their long term health and wellbeing;
  • encourage a positive active lifestyle in the community that is balanced with social outcome and opportunities;
  • reaffirm with all levels of sports administration the importance of mature-aged sports people who are seeking opportunities to participate; and
  • demonstrate the myriad of attractions of sport: skill, achievement, competition, social interaction, and satisfaction.

The event is open to anyone. The only criteria to compete in the Australian Masters Games is that you must meet the minimum age requirement, which in most sports is 30+ years. It does not impose qualifying standards and welcomes participants from all over the world.

The Australian Masters Games offer participants a wide range of different sports, from softball to athletics to dragon boat to boxing.

This variety of sports on offer provides the opportunity for participants to try a new sport, compete in multiple sports during the week and register as an individual or in a team.

Other upcoming events: