Diana Flora

Admin Manager & Assessor

Diana Flora is a qualified Nutritionist, with a Diploma in Retail Management and qualifications in Small Business Management. She is also a certified Workplace Trainer and Assessor.

Diana leads the GFI student support and assessment team, providing valuable advice and assistance to students during their course of studies. She possesses proven skills in customer service, administrative roles, teamwork and communication. We encourage students to utilise Diana’s expertise in assisting them with their studies.

She has extensive experience in the retail and business sector working handling promotional contracts for many major firms including 7-Eleven, Moet-Hennessey, Johnson & Johnson, Proctor and Gamble, La Purete, Pacific Magazines, NDD Distributions, ADP Marketing, Sanofi and Twentieth Century Fox. GFI is delighted to have her on board and enhancing the high quality of our staff at Team GFI.