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Nationwide employment Opportunity – Group exercise Instructors

The Yummy Mummy Club are currently looking for trainers to run group exercise sessions all over Australia.

We are a team of mothers and personal trainers with over 25,000 followers on social media. We have a great online platform for our members to use with meal plans, recipes, meditation tracks and our very own branded App!
If you are a passionate female trainer or perhaps even a busy mum PT we might have something that could really work in with your lifestyle!!

Check out the link.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in finding out more!
Full name, contact number and best time to call and I will be in touch



Group Exercise Instructors – Mick’s Gym Melton (Vic)

Mick’s Gym are looking for GFI Fitness graduates (min Cert III) who can conduct Group exercise classes in any or a combination of modalities ranging from Yoga, Spin, Pilates, Pump, Metafit, Metapower, Boxing etc etc. You may even offer something unique to enhance their range. Check out their current group exercise timetable to get an idea of the range of available classes.

They are offering great payment rates, above industry averages, and permanent classes for suitable applicants.

Contact Mick’s Gym Directly for more info – contact details here



Our GFI job directory features job listings from our industry partners for Personal Trainers, Administration staff, massage therapist, and other employment in areas that relate to our courses or products.

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Lots of Fitness and Sports Industry Job’s are also advertised on the Sportspeople Job Directory

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So you want to work in the Fitness Industry ?

New year’s resolutions have people racing to register with gyms in droves, but why not consider a more prolonged health kick by moving into a job in the fitness industry instead ? There is a wide range of possible careers on offer for the graduate who’s less keen on a deskbound job – from coaching to instructing to health club management.

Whatever the role, you’ll need bags of energy, a passion for the industry and an ability to get on with anyone. So how can you carve out a career as sculpted as a fitness freak’s physique?

An employer says … HR recruitment manager for Fitness First

We look for committed individuals – people who are passionate about this industry. The kind of people that work for us don’t just see the job as coming into work each day, they love what they do – our staff are renowned for having a real energy about them.

We aren’t all super fit and employees don’t necessarily have to have worked in health club environments but they do have to have an interest in the industry.

A sport science degree shows a high level of interest. You can then specialise in certain areas such as management. We run a gym managers’ training programme to help staff become more successful within our clubs.

It’s an exciting, vibrant, fun environment to work in – it’s great meeting and working with really talented people. It’s hard work and can mean long hours, but the rewards are really high.

The main operators would not want to employ people that aren’t qualified to that level. Fitness instructors are self-employed so need to be knowledgeable, approachable and quite proactive about making sure that people know who they are and what they do. People join gyms for different reasons and you need to be able to work out what they want to achieve.

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