Portal Instructions

elearning-iconWelcome to to GFI Online Student Learning Portal

From this Online Portal you will access all the required resources and assessments in order to complete your course of studies with Global Fitness Institute.

1. Find your course

To find your course, simply scroll down this page – Courses you are enrolled in will be displayed on this page underactive courses”.

2. Commence / resume unit

To commence or resume your studies click on your course. (Note: All assessments will be listed in the same order as your training plan under “UNITS”.)

3. Complete the assessment

Click on your first assessment – From Here you will have access to the Unit resource/notebook, which you will require to complete assessment.

To begin assessment click on “take the unit assessment” button – this is under the resource/notebook.

Answer the questions to complete the assessment. You can save your work anytime by clicking the “save assessment button” – At the bottom of the page, a pop up will also appear every 30mins to remind you to save your work.

4. Submit the assessment

Once you have completed your assessment click the “Complete Assessment” Button.

Your assessment will now be sent to GFI Student Support for grading. Once successfully graded your next unit will be unlocked and will be available for you to complete.

If you don’t meet the pass mark you will be given an opportunity to complete the assessment again and our assessors will provide you feedback.


For ASSESSMENT RELATED QUERIES you can contact our tutors and assessors by clicking the “Contact Unit Teacher” on the Resource/Notebook page.

Alternatively you can email mytutor@globalfitness.edu.au or Contact US

Although much of the material can be completed online, we always encourage students to come to classes that correspond with the units your are studying for an enhanced learning experience.

You are welcome to print out and bring the corresponding unit notebook to class. We always encourage students to take notes and then go over the notebook and assessment out of class time.