Online Business Courses

Online Business Courses

online business courses

Global Fitness Institute‘s online business courses are self paced, offering students the flexibility to study from home.

All business courses are delivered with support from GFI’s highly qualified and experienced facilitators deliver business courses covering business principles, processes and practices.

Our Nationally recognized Certificate IV in Business offers specializations in Administration, Leadership and Operations.

The courses are suitable for people in all businesses, they are not specific to the health and fitness industry.

Assessment responses and practical tasks can be contextualized to suit the industry you are in, and can be carried out in your current workplace or business setting.

Our delivery mode also includes the flexibility of online theory content, videos, online support and face-to-face tutorial assistance.

Students have the flexibility of completing assessment tasks in person, or submitting them via our online student portal.

Course support is available by phone, email or arranging a support session with one of our knowledgeable and experienced tutors.

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