Earn Money with GFI

Earn Money with GFI


Here at Global Fitness institute, we’re all about giving back. Take advantage of the many ways you can earn money with our many incentivized initiatives and packages.

Over the past decade, Global Fitness Institute has poured a ton of money back into supporting the health, fitness or sports industries via major sponsorships, event co-ordination and support, student scholarships and so on. Over half a million dollars in fact.

The past year or two we’ve shifted our focus away from giving big money to major corporates with minimal return, and spreading the love among those who actually support us.

Our supporters have kept us going either through promoting or supporting our programs, events or even helping us take our training to the masses via online or virtual workshops and seminars.

With the impact of the forced closures caused by the COVID-19, and the heavy financial toll that it will take on us all, we’re feeling in the supporting mood.

Help us Help You

Learn the many ways how you can help us to help you – and the bonus is, none will cost you a cent. No catches, no hooks, no risk…..and no limit to how much you can earn. In fact, the more money we give you, the better is is for both of us.

You don’t need any special skills, or to invest any money …… but if you have specific skills, then of course your potential to earn more is greater.

Here are some of the ways you can earn some great financial reward with Global Fitness Institute

  • Become a GFI Referral Rewards Program partner (read more)
  • Be a Fitness Course Mentor / Practical training Assessor (read more)
  • Conduct First Aid Training for Global Fitness Institute, anywhere in Australia (read more)
  • Host a First Aid course for your workplace, school, gym or friends. – Anywhere in Australia (read more)
  • Host a GFI Seminar on any topic related to fitness, health, nutrition, leadership, motivation, business, marketing, management etc – Anywhere in Australia (read more)
  • Host or organize a Self Defense or Martial Arts Seminar or workshop – anywhere in Australia (read more)

If you wish to apply to become a Global Fitness Institute trainer or interested in partnering with GFI and earning yourself some money please contact us.

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