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Global Fitness Institute conducts quality fitness instructor courses, providing personal training certifications for all our graduates. We deliver quality courses for those looking to become personal trainers, gym instructors or group exercise instructors.

As a result, our team offers a nationally recognized Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Fitness. These courses are an ideal combination of theory and practical sessions for potential trainers and instructors. And for those looking to save over $1,600, also consider our Personal Training Combo, perfect for those without previous fitness qualifications.

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Fitness Courses at Global Fitness Institute – Experience the Difference!

Global Fitness Institute also conducts practical sessions in our own exclusive, customized practical training facilities. We aim to provide the best outcomes for those looking to become fitness instructors or personal trainers.

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Global Fitness Institute fitness courses aim at an employment outcome. However, we find that many of our students who complete their studies also increase their own personal fitness. As a result, this not only helps our students understand how to exercise effectively, but also how to get the best results from their training.

Certificate III in Fitness

Completing a Certificate III in Fitness with Global Fitness Institute will prepare you to develop fitness programs. It will also prepare you to provide one-on-one assessments in a gym environment.

Certificate IV in Fitness

Completing a Certificate IV in Fitness with Global Fitness Institute will provide you with the skills to train individuals and groups. It will also prepare you to provide leadership and guidance to both clients and staff.

You can also rest assured that graduates with a fitness certificate from Global Fitness Institute are well versed and skilled in providing quality fitness and personal training.

Begin your path to a successful career with Global Fitness Institute. Explore our range of courses designed for those wanting to pursue their personal training and fitness careers.

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