Host a Self Defense Seminar

self defense seminar

Host a Self Defense Seminar

A Self defense Seminar or Martial Arts workshop can be conducted at your place or ours for a group of students, staff, atheletes, or members of the general public.

A seminar can be presented in a multitude of areas including self defense for public, self defense for women, anti bullying programs, boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, etc

A typical host gets 20% of the total revenue, and as a host and attends the session FREE of charge. So a typical class of 10 people doing a Seminar would be worth around $150 to the host. Again, a bigger class would result in a greater reward for the host.

The added bonus is that we come to you, to teach the course and schedule it when it suits you. Of course, if you dont have a suitable venue to deliver training, your group is welcome to come to our facility.

As a relatively short session, you could combine 2 different topics, or even First Aid or a Prac session to make a full-day program (and increase your revenue as host) – this is particulalrly suitable strategy for weekend sessions or those involving regional or interstate travel.

Contact us to Host a GFI Seminar – anywhere in Australia* (minimum numbers apply for off-site courses)