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We also deliver nationally recognized Certificate and Diploma courses in:

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Global Fitness Institute has a range of Nationally recognized Personal Training Courses, Sports Coaching and Development Diplomas, Business and Nutrition courses as well as a range of the latest industry approved First aid courses.

Founded in 2006, Global Fitness Institute is a well respected health and fitness focused Registered Training Organization within the health and fitness education industry in Australia (RTO21793).

Undertaking your health and fitness studies with Global Fitness Institute will be a great investment in your future. GFI arms you with the knowledge and skills to help set students up for establishing or enhancing their fitness industry careers.

Our fitness courses are conducted in equipped fitness facilities by experienced lecturers and facilitators. Due to this, we ensure our students have the most practical experience possible with plenty of hands-on training, demonstration and explanation.

Our staff are experts in their field, balancing academic qualifications with real world industry experience and success.

Personal Training Courses

Global Fitness Institute specializes in personal training courses and fitness instructor courses . For those people looking to save  $1600, you should consider doing our Personal Training Combo course. This course is designed for those without previous fitness qualifications.

We offer a flexible approach to learning, including distance and online fitness courses. Reading material, video resources and interactive tasks are accessible from your own home, to suit those with busy lifestyles.

personal training courses

Students attend the practical workshops and assessment sessions. However, we always advise students to take advantage of the experience of quality facilitators. Your learning experience is further supplemented with optional private tuition and practical assessments. Our industry professional staff run these invaluable additions to your fitness education.

Global Fitness Institute is well known for quality Fitness instructor certification. GFI graduates are highly regarded and in demand by our industry partners. This is a testament to the quality of training and advice you get from the team at Global Fitness Institute.

Enroll in our Personal Training Combo course and

receive a FREE health & wellness e-book and FREE Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition Courses

As a long standing member of the Health and Fitness Industry, Nutrition is an area we have covered extensively in our courses.

We have Nationally recognised Nutrition and Dietetic courses, as well as Nutrition units within our fitness and sports courses. Our Online Nutrition course is our most popular Nutrition product.

Business Courses

Global Fitness Institute have highly qualified and experienced staff who teach business courses covering business principles, processes and practices. Our Nationally recognized Certificate IV in Business offers specializations in Administration, Leadership and Operations.

The courses are suitable for people in all businesses, they are not specific to the health and fitness industry.

First Aid Courses

We conduct regular first aid courses  at our campus. GFI also delivers on-site for schools, gyms, corporate bodies, sporting clubs. We run both full First Aid courses as well as CPR renewal classes.

Global Fitness Institute also conducts comprehensive first aid training around Australia under the trading name First Aid Oz.

Global Fitness Institute conducts Workplace First Aid (HLTAID011) and CPR (HLTAID009) courses. GFI also conducts Advanced First Aid courses and Defibrillator training.  First aid courses for Education and Care settings are also regularly conducted.

Global Fitness Institute offer competitive pricing and flexible learning options. The experienced team at GFI are there to help you get the most from your learning experience.

So if you’ve always wanted to work in the health, fitness or sports industry, but weren’t sure how

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