Global Open Taekwondo Championships

Global Open

The 4th Global Open Taekwondo Championships is being held over the King’s Birthday weekend of Saturday 8th, June, 2024 at the Caroline Springs Leisure Center, Victoria.

It will be part of an action packed weekend of Taekwondo activities featuring national and international participants.

Following on from the huge success of 2023, with almost 400 participants, it promises to be one of the biggest and most inclusive week of Taekwon-Do activities of the year. It all happens in Melbourne, Australia

Schedule of Events

Saturday 8th June

4th Global Open Taekwondo Championships

Doors Open 8am – Competition starts 9.00am – Register Here

Global Welcome Banquet

(Pre-bookings required) – Book here

Guest Enter 6.30pm – semi formal


Sunday 9th June

Taekwondo Masterclass 10.00am – 12.30pm – Register Here

All ranks welcome – spectators not permitted.

Senior Black Belt Grading 1.30pm  

(applications must be submitted 3 months prior 4th Deg & above)



See 2024 Event Rules 

If you require a VISA, Read the event VISA requirements



ITF Categories


WT Categories

WT individual Results

Organizing Committee:

Master Michael Muleta (Event Co-Ordinator), Grandmaster Russell Wood (WT Division Director), Justin Chin (ITF Division Director)

Participating Countries :

Australia (Vic, NSW, Qld, WA, SA, ACT), New Zealand, India, Nepal

Participating Schools :

Titan Martial Arts

Endurance Taekwondo

Canberra Taekwon-Do Academy

Van Roon Martial Arts

Dynamic Taekwon-Do Australia

Red Dragon taekwondo

Fusion Martial Arts

Ilyo Taekwondo Barossa

Baglung Chief Taekwon-do Association

Chang’s Taekwondo

Royal Empire Martial Arts

Just Kicks Taekwondo

Chitwan Karate

Koryo Taekwondo Centre

Ataru International Taekwon-Do

Tam Taekwon-Do Mudokwan

Heenan Taekwondo

Schembri’s Taekwondo Doreen

White Tigers

Evolution Taekwondo

Chong-Moo Taekwondo

Thoroughbred Taekwondo

Australian Institute of Taekwon-Do

Baglung Chief Taekwondo Association

Azure Taekwondo

Macedon Ranges taekwondo

Golden Kicks Taekwondo

Jung Moo Taekwondo

Global Taekwondo

Geelong Taekwon-Do

Budo Kai Do Mixed Martial Arts Federation of India

Raptors Taekwondo

Browns Dojang

Australian Independent Taekwon-Do Academy

Surf Coast Taekwondo

Sitapaila Taekwondo Dojang

Story Martial Arts

Western Australian Institute of Taekwondo

Zoo TKD Townsville

World Taekwondo Centre

VTeam Taekwondo

Total Taekwondo 


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