Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Why Continuing to Learn is important

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As fitness instructors and personal trainers it is important to constantly increase our knowledge and continue professional development. Many newcomers to the industry don’t understand the importance of continued training. Even for seasoned professionals it is easy to get caught up in our personal lives and let professional development slide. But the important thing to remember is that continued training ensures a fitness educator and trainer stays relevant.

Education keeps you up to date on the most recent developments in fitness, health, and nutrition, ensuring you give your clients the best training possible. It allows you to develop strong communication skills and freshen up your training. Further, continued education makes it easier to apply for jobs, as well as expand your business, allowing you to reach a wider range of clients.

So here are our top 5 reasons by you should continue to learn.

1: Stay Relevant

The fitness industry moves at a fast pace and this was never more true than today. A highly dynamic industry, fitness sees new exercises, equipment and techniques appearing almost daily. With new studies on fitness emerging weekly, it isn’t surprising that many newly graduate fitness educators and personal trainers are already out of date only six months into their careers. It is important to stay up to date to keep your skills fresh and [ass important information on to clients. It also allows you to provide the best environment and workout for your clients. Further, continued education also allows you to get an advantage over outdated competitors, while still holding your own against the wave of new graduates.

2: Cater to Niche Clients

Fitness is universally important, and this is never so apparent as when you begin considering the different groups that seek out exercise courses and personal trainers. Different group – such as the elderly, pregnant women, or those suffering from chronic illnesses – all have wildly varying needs. Considering these groups and exploring further education means you can tap into these markets where your competitors may not. Ensuring you know how to teach and train niche markets mean more people will feel comfortable hiring you and seeking your advice. You will also again a reputation for knowing more than other educators and trainers.

3: Avoid Client Injuries

Client safety is critical as is the knowledge to prevent potential injuries. Knowing what to do in the event of a client being hurt gives both you – and them – peace of mind. Having a reputation for safety is important, especially when trying to attract new customers. Understanding a client’s underlying medical conditions or previous injuries can help avoid exercises that exacerbate them. As such, it is incredibly important to foster a reputation for client safety.

4: Keep Classes Interesting

Unfortunately, many people have a short attention span. Clients can get bored with repetitive services. You can lose clients if you have out-of-date services. Up-skilling means you can add new challenges to workouts for your clients. Showing you have new ideas and techniques will keep clients interested, returning, and recommending you to friends. Embracing new technologies, ideas and methods keeps your classes and training interesting. Further this will let your clients know you are well-trained and invested in your industry.

5: Add more Client Services

It can be invaluable to your business to add more services to your repertoire. Additional services can include nutrition and massage. This allows you to incorporate services without going to the expense of hiring additional staff. This saves you money overall and allows you to cater to clients on a more personal level.

Clients who seek out fitness education and personal trainers are often time poor. Being able to offer a workout, education, massage and/or meal plan is convenient. It also allows you to track their progress better by analysing workouts and food intake. As a result, you can use this to increase your client base, size of business and how people view your professionalism.

Being a personal trainer or fitness educator has never been harder from a knowledge and experience standpoint. As a result, it has never been more important to keep up to date on health topics. Clients come to you for fitness and health knowledge. It allows your clients and students to feel comfortable seeking out your practical, relevant, and scientific advice. All trainers and educators must be diligent in furthering their education. This allows you to create actionable lifestyle changes for clients. The most successful trainers have an ever-evolving skill set and work hard to advance their career.

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