Referal Rewards Program

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Referal Rewards Program

The GFI Referal Rewards Program is our way of showing meaningful appreciation to those who support us.

You might have that one friend who has always talked about being a personal trainer, or just loves going to the gym or keeping fit. Or you may be a gym or club owner yourself with a captive audience of members who would be interested.

There are lots of ways you can promote our courses to the public, whether it be in your immediate network of contacts, or as a GFI representative approaching gyms, sporting clubs or schools.  You may even be interested in setting up promotional displays at events.

Forget about a pat on the back, or the tiny commissions paid out by typical affiliate marketing schemes, the GFI Referal Rewards Program makes it worth your while.

How’s this for example ?

Each Fitness Course referal who signs up – earns you $500 !!

Thats $500 for each one !! You don’t have to teach them, just refer them. We do everything else.

If you found one a month, thats $6000 for the year…… one a week is $25,000…….one a day is over $180,000

How much you can earn really depends on how motivated and driven you are – the more we have to pay you, the better it is for us, so you will have our full support and encouragement.

As a bonus, any GFI Referal Rewards Program partner who wants to do a Fitness course, automatically receives $500 off the tuition cost. (as long as you have previously referred at least one person)

In addition to our amazing Fitness Course referal rewards, we offer you 10% rebate on referalls for all our other products including First Aid courses, Personal Training sessions and more.

The question isnt why would you be a GFI Referal Rewards Program partner, the real question is why wouldnt you ?


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