Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning

Are you seeking formal recognition for work already performed in your industry and feel that you possess considerable skills and knowledge in one or more areas within a particular qualification, either through previous studies or work ?

Then our RPL process (Recognition of prior learning) can formally credit you towards those part of a course in which you can demonstrate, or provide evidence towards a qualification.

What is recognition?

Recognition including recognition of prior learning (RPL), is a process for giving candidates credit for skills, knowledge and experience gained through working and learning. It can be gained at any stage of their lives, through formal and informal learning, in Australia or overseas, through work or other activities such as volunteering.

This has the benefit of not only acknowledging your efforts, but also reducing the volume and time taken to gain a new qualification, or in some cases, the current appropriate qualification to match your role. Many people have skills and knowledge gained since commencing employment which is not documented on paper, in fact most skills and knowledge is gained after commencement of employments, as is the nature of vocational education.

This is particularly a case where people have been working in the industry a considerable amount of time, when the entry level requirements or qualifications were quite different that what is required today. The fear of having to repeat a whole course can be minimized by undergoing a Recognition of Prior Learning , or RPL, assessment.

Having the set of qualifications that truly reflects your current skills and knowledge can benefit you by making you more employable and in some cases eligible for promotion, when competing in the marketplace with fresh graduates possessing all the current qualifications.

Contact our team on 1 300 662 368 or via our contact us page if you require any further information to get your RPL ball rolling to fast track you to the current industry qualification you need.

To apply for Recognition of Prior Learning, please complete and submit the RPL application form (link below):

RPL Application Form