Global Trainer ™

Global Trainer

Recently, Global Fitness Institute proudly launched it’s Global Trainer ™ program, featuring a most unique and comprehensive range of packaged GFI courses, to give graduates the greatest chance of launching a successful career in their chosen industry.

This program combines the latest nationally recognized qualifications from areas such as fitness, business, sports coaching and nutrition.

Check out our Jobs Board and see the types of jobs our Exclusive bundled qualifications options may open up for you.

Each Global Trainer ™ bundle is designed with a different career focus in mind from high performance trainer, facility manager, educator, private enterprise operator to a leader and manager of larger organizations.

You can save up to $3497

You can choose from :

global trainer business

Fitness Business Global Trainer ™ 

This bundle is ideal for those looking to become self employed Personal Trainers, Gym owners and fitness entrepreneurs.

This package Includes:

Save $2596


global trainer nutrition fitnessFitness Nutrition Global Trainer ™ 

This bundle is ideal for those who wish to become Personal Trainers, qualified and authorized to give nutritional advice, Gym owners, weight management professionals and fitness center café operators.

This package Includes:

Save $2596



fitness coursesFitness Coaching Global Trainer ™ 

This bundle is idea for High Performance Trainers, Conditioning coaches in sports teams and those working with athletes.

This package Includes:

Save $2596


sports business global trainerSports Business Global Trainer ™ 

This bundle is the perfect blend of coaching, sports admin and business content to make you armed and dangerous to launch your attack on the Sport and Recreation Industry. This package Includes:

Save over $1700


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