A word about Protein powders

Protein powders

Something you thought we would never say

The importance of Protein Powders has been questioned for decades. Some people swear by them, others doubt there importance so what is the truth and do we need them?

The answer is actually quite an individualized one. As we know each of us have different biochemistry makeup, activity levels, varying performance and goals so there really isnt a answer that will suit everyone however there are some basic fundamentals we can be guided by.

Firstly what we must do is stop looking at Protein powders as some miracle sports supplement that will single handedly solve our poor dietary habits and build us lean muscle tissue in a single shake.

Protein shakes simply contain an ingredient/s that contains the nutrient Protein.

Protein is the nutrient our bodies use for cellular repair. Our bodies are constantly repairing themselves even when we are healthy. This can be anything from repairing Hair, Skin, nails, Eyes, Organs, and of coarse Muscle tissue.

It is a vital nutrient and required to complete 1000’s of biochemical processes daily.

So, we need to look at Protein powders as a nutrient only. How we consume that nutrient doesnt really matter that much providing we are giving our bodies the required amount it needs.

Protein is found in many foods such as Meats, Eggs, Dairy, Fish, with small amounts in vegetables and nuts. Inclusive of this list is obviously Protein shakes which are generally derived from dairy with some being vegetable or grain derived.

So now we are hoping you can see that Protein powders and shakes are just another way of giving your body the nutrient Protein.

There are some benefits of Protein powders and shakes however:

  • They are relatively cheap
  • They are convenient
  • They Taste good
  • They digest faster than solid meals (ie chicken) which makes them perfect straight after your workout
  • They can create routine and efficiency
  • They are measured dosed so you can track how much Protein you are having each day

Did you know the RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake) of Protein for an average Adult is 0.8g/Kg of bodymass.

ie- An 85kg Adult would need 0.8g Protein x 85kg = 68g Protein per day.

That equates to over 300g of chicken per day or nearly 10 whole eggs. And this RDI is based on an average sedentary individual for basic survival. Add in any exercise, activity, hard labour or ill health and this figure goes up with some Bodybuilders tripling this amount.

So be sure you are giving your body an adequate amount of Protein daily to give it the nutrient it needs for optimal repair and development whether it be from solid foods or shakes, with a combination being the best.

Some ideas for use with Protein Powder

  • Make delicious High Protein smoothies
  • Make homemade Protein bars
  • Make tasty High Protein desserts
  • Add into yoghurt
  • Add into breakfast cereals
  • Add into hot/cold drinks to boost Protein
  • Perfect post training/exercise

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